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Actress and New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Somers has had her fair share of experience with cancer. She was diagnosed in with breast cancer and later had another cancer scare involving a terrifying misdiagnosis. The following is an excerpt.

Regardless of the evidence, doctors continue to putAmericans on side-effect-laden chemo every year. But that was my decision, what I thought was best for me. In the end, however, during the dark, lonely experience of having the dreaded disease, Somers says every individual must make their own tough choices.

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That same year, she underwent a partial mastectomy commonly referred to as a lumpectomy and radiation treatment. Rather than choosing to have a standard breast reconstruction procedure, Somers waited 11 years and again elected for a nontraditional operation. InSomers had an experimental stem cell fat grafting procedure to reconstruct her breast.

We respect your privacy. Inshe sparked a much-publicized debate when she spoke out in favor of bioidentical hormone therapya controversial treatment for menopause that was the subject of her book Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones. Then, inshe made headlines again when she published another book, Knockoutadvocating alternative cancer treatments over traditional methods like chemotherapy and radiation. Somers first began researching alternative cancer therapies inafter doctors found a tumor in one of her breasts.

By Hannah Sparks. The year-old says cancer gave her a platform — and, as the author of a series of best-selling alternative health books, she is not afraid to use it. After having a 2.

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It's the book every medical writer in the country wants to ignore. Suzanne Somers's latest "health" tome hit the bookstores this week, and this time she's offering her advice on how to cure and prevent cancer. As if people with cancer don't have enough problems.

Be it from imbibing the atmosphere within the bubble of woo-friendly southern California or taking a crash course at the University of Google and, through the arrogance of ignoranceconcluding that they know more than scientists who have devoted their lives to studying a problem, celebrities believing in and credulously promoting pseudoscience present a special problem because of the oversized soapboxes they command. Examples abound. Unfortunately, last week the latest celebrity know-nothing to promote health misinformation released a brand new book and has been all over the airwaves, including The Today ShowLarry King Liveand elsewhere promoting it.

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Show transcript. Less than a year after the former sitcom actress frustrated mainstream doctors and cheered some fans by touting bioidentical hormones on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," she's back with a new book. This one's on an even more emotional topic: Cancer treatment.

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It is not the first time a major media outlet has given air time to Ms. Somers, whose journey into the medical realm has been featured on a variety of news programs, talk shows and entertainment channels. A few years ago, Oprah Winfrey invited Ms.

Things are going great for Suzanne Somers. She has a new book out, sure to be a best-seller, as it has been promoted on countless morning talk shows. At 67, she looks great and feels great, she has said during TV appearances.


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