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Not long ago, newspapers and magazines reported that, by the end of the century, redheads, of whom I am one, will be extinct. Still, who can say for sure who is right? I'm sure that, back in their day, the dinosaurs were pretty smug too.

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How would you describe a typical redhead? Do you think of Julianne Moore: light skinned and beautiful, with rust-coloured hair and a flush of crimson through her porcelain cheeks? Or do you think of Ed Sheeran?

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Redheads are often under-appreciated in the world of fashion and beauty. It started out as a photo project, he says, but quickly expanded. Then he decided to create a magazine and print copies.

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Attention, gingers: We're finally getting the attention we crave — nay, the attention we deserve. MC1R is the all-redhead magazine we never knew we needed in our lives, and I, for one, am planning on getting at least 12 subscriptions. Magazines can come and go as they please, but this is one that I don't plan on allowing to fail. MC1R is the brainchild of lighting design student and fellow redhead Tristan Rodgers.

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Here's a joke. If it was made in your workplace, within hearing of a redheaded colleague, would you make a fuss? Probably not.

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Q: Where does red hair come from? A: Contrary to popular opinion, red hair did not originate in Scotland, Ireland or Scandinavia, but in central Asia. According to the Washington Post, as our ancestors migrated from this region to the colder, darker climate of northern Europe, redheads had a survival related advantage over their darker skinned, darker haired counterparts.

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Geneticists look into the family history and answer the question on everyone's mind. Meghan Markle baby watch is in full effect, and we have a lot of questions. Where will she be giving birth and how?

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Of the recessive genes, the gene for red hair is a primary example. For red hair to be physically expressed in a person, that person needs to have two copies of the gene for red hair in their genotype. Two parents who carry the MC1R gene have a 25 percent chance of having a redheaded child.

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We're here to help, regardless of the day and time. Published in the September edition, the magazine ranked Redhead Equipment 19th in the province for We look forward to continuing to do whatever it takes to support our customers and grow alongside them and this province, well into the future.

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Our database of African and international creatives and companies making waves in the design world. David Redhead is creative director of Cultureshock Mediaa company specialising in custom publishing, broadcasting and design in the cultural sphere. He is an author, curator, copywriter and consultant specialising in design, business and the visual arts. Redhead began his career in design by working at the multidisciplinary design consultancy, Fitch in the s before making his name as an editor writer and design critic on magazines including BlueprintDesign Review and Design Week.


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