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Liberal super PAC launches million effort to flip rural Trump voters MORE underwhelms in Iowa, barely eking out a tie with Bernie Sanders — a thought that would have been ridiculous six months ago — her supporters cling to the hope that she has a firewall in the later primaries due to her preponderance of support from African-American voters. The Vermont senator, who has created a big and sustained lead in New Hampshire, will likely emerge from the first two skirmishes confident and full of momentum. The Super Tuesday states fall into three categories.

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Their almost daily columns circulate by e-mail topeople, and hundreds of thousands more read them on DickMorris. He now produces a daily video on his site seen by overviewers each week, with a history lesson every Saturday. Domestically, Morris has handled the winning campaigns of more than thirty Senators and Governors.

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A few weeks before the election, the invaluable Rick Perlstein published a lengthy article in The Baffler titled "The Long Con," about how successful conservative entrepreneurs have been at separating the right-wing rank and file from their money over the past few decades. If you were to sign up for updates from the likes of Human Events or World Net Dailyyou'd be inundated not only with come-ons from political groups but with innumerable offers for miracle cures for every ailment under the sun. In today's political universe there may be no pundit more ridiculous than Dick Morris, who never hesitates to offer a prediction and is almost always wrong.

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This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Watch "The O'Reilly Factor" weeknights at 8 p. There's got to be more to this than that. Click here to watch the segment!

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A look at how, after the trial of President Clinton, the fourth estate, the media, has fallen out of favor, and the fifth estate, the public, fueled by the internet, has risen to prominence in political affairs. Read more Read less. Shop now.

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We get right to our top story tonight. Democrats running for president gathered in Manchester, New Hampshire, last night for their second debate of the campaign season. And the clip that has gotten the most attention today is that of Senator Hillary Clinton, departing from her party line, actually giving President Bush some credit for something.

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In a remarkably wild prediction, Morris was adamant that Romney would not only beat Obama, but would win by a landslide. Not just the presidency but mammoth losses in Congress. So according to Morris, Clinton will not make it past the Democratic primary, and if she does, she will suffer a humiliating loss and take the whole party down with her.

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March Nothing dissolves on close inspection like the Stop Hillary movement, which is basically a small bunch of failed business schemes that pile up debt while HIllary herself raises money off their attacks. The latest: Clinton apostate Dick Morris appears to have scaled back his involvement in " Hillary, the Movie ," which had earlier been described as a collaboration between him and David Bossie, the longtime Clinton foe who runs Citizens United.


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