Breast cancer in the family

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Skip to Content. Use the menu to see other pages. Although risk factors often influence the development of cancer, most do not directly cause cancer.

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If you have relatives who have had breast cancer, you may worry that you're next. Family history of breast cancer usually refers to having two or more first-degree relatives such as a mother, sister, or daughter or second-degree relatives such as an aunt, niece or grandmother who have had breast cancer. The risk for developing breast cancer does increase with increasing numbers of affected first-degree relatives compared with women who have no affected relatives.

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This increased risk may be due to genetic factors known and unknownshared lifestyle factors or other family traits. About percent of women diagnosed have a first-degree female relative mother, sister or daughter with breast cancer [ ]. A woman who has a first-degree female relative with breast cancer has about twice the risk of a woman without this family history [ ].

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A woman comes to see you because she is approaching the age, 45, at which her sister developed breast cancer. She is worried about her risk and is keen to know if there are any preventive measures she can take. You will need to take a family history, going back at least two generations on both sides of the family. Start with the patient and mark her with an arrow on the chart.

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There was a 3. Using likelihood ratio tests, the best model for determining breast cancer risk due to family history was that combining FHS and age of relative at diagnosis. A family history score based on expected as well as observed breast cancers in a family can give greater risk discrimination on breast cancer incidence than conventional parameters based solely on cases in affected relatives.

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Judith was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer, as was her sister:. You may be surprised to know that most women who develop breast cancer do not have a close relative with the disease. We all have many genes that do many different things.

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Having a family history of cancer usually means that more than one close blood relative on the same side of the family has had cancer. Cancer is a common condition. It is not unusual for more than one family member to develop cancer during their lifetime.

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Women with close relatives who've been diagnosed with breast cancer have a higher risk of developing the disease. If you've had one first-degree female relative sister, mother, daughter diagnosed with breast cancer, your risk is doubled. If two first-degree relatives have been diagnosed, your risk is 5 times higher than average.

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If you have a family history of breast cancer, you may have a higher than average risk of developing the disease. Most women in the UK have a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer in their lifetime. However, if you have a family history of breast cancer, you and some other members of your family may have a higher than average risk of developing the disease.

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What to do if you're concerned about your family history 2. Your family history risk assessment appointment 3. Different levels of breast cancer risk 4. Understanding your risk after a diagnosis of breast cancer 5.


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