Kevin 11 omniverse

kevin 11 omniverse
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Kevin in a winter coat in Escape from Aggregor. While Kevin can absorb all sorts of compatible matter, he cannot take too much of it. He once used the metal he absorbed to create a helmet for Gwen to prevent the Lucubra from controlling her. Kevin appeared in every version of the game. In Save the Last Dance , he wore a black tuxedo with a black bow tie.

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Depending on the amount of the absorbed material Kevin has available, and how he distributes it, Kevin can either coat his body, or part of it, in the material as a second skin like armor, [25] or completely convert his body, or part of it, into a living version of the material.

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Kevin Levin

Kevin began to have a much better outlook on life and started to form actual bonding for the first time. Kevin has good motor skills, being able to race and chase in his car and the Rust Bucket 3. In The More Things Change: Part 1 , Kevin lacks the stripes on his shirt and the chin whiskers he has in the rest of the series.

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