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Ewan McGregor is definitely not shy about getting it out on camera. Given Sergio's cartoonish art style, these are totally lacking any detail and are easily overlooked. Prior Walter, the main protagonist of Angels in America strips down completely on-stage during an examination scene. Broken Saints features all three male heroes naked albeit drawn in a stylized fashion during the Dream Sequence that is Chapter 20, Act V. Zombo : Trump's virtual bits are hanging out. We all know that the Moral Guardians of America loathe and fear the female nipple , or yet more fearsome, vulva. They are clearly naked , which makes being attacked by them even more unsettling.

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Lucky Louie , an HBO comedy, eschewed female nudity erotic, therefore not funny but often featured male nudity as show creator Louie C.

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What, you're surprised an industry could last two hundred years and not have an example or two? Ewan McGregor is definitely not shy about getting it out on camera. Groo the Wanderer engages in this from time to time, usually from infant or prepubescent boys running around without pants in impoverished areas. You can actually see the old design in a showcase room unlocked after you beat the game.

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