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TMoCA, which has the finest collection of modern western art anywhere outside Europe and the US, boasting works by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Francis Bacon and Andy Warholis displaying 40 pieces by prominent Arab artists alongside 40 paintings by Iranians. This year has brought a new low in already fractured relations between powerful countries in the Arab world and the predominantly Persian state, including a palpable animosity between Tehran and Riyadh over regional conflicts and the execution in Saudi Arabia of a Shia clericwhich led to an attack on the Saudi embassy in the Iranian capital. Mohsen Noferesti, an official from TMoCA, said it had maintained its cultural ties with the outside world regardless of the political situation.

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Though the Arab world has a rich history of music, visual art, and film, the authors, frustratingly enough, found no reason to include any discussion of this in Media Arabic. There are no diagrams in this book outlining the stylistic conventions of an Arabic-language music review or artist profile. There's no vocabulary identifying the various components of an oudthe notes of maqam scales, or the structure of a mawwal performance.

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The perception of Middle Eastern women by the rest of the world is challenged, dissected and put into context in an expansive new show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, featuring twelve leading female photographers from Iran and the Arab world. Ranging from fine art photographs to documentary photography, the exhibition demystifies the Western stereotype of women living in the Middle East, removing the proverbial veil that art critics want to place on their work. Instead of categorizing the work as a sort of anthropological study of life in the Middle East, the exhibition defines each photographer as an artist, celebrating their perspective while giving each a creative voice to express it.

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He started the project about three months ago, despite the fact that he has no qualification nor a degree in painting. Following outpouring support from the online community, th e comics and illustrations - which were first just being shared on Instagram - have since developed into a business. They are currently being sold as postcards In his artworkthe artist depicts random locations across the Arab world but draws inspiration from one particular city: Beirut.

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We are all unchained Arabs now, it seems, or are eager to hug them or bottle their courage, or viscerally experience the emancipatory winds blowing across many of their sandy lands. Now it's cool to be an Egyptian, totally awesome to be a Tunisian, Syrian, Libyan, Bahraini or Yemeni dissident and to be an artist from these places is, well, very heaven. Longstanding stereotypes of Arabs as stupidly rich, misogynist, violent, ignorant and philistine have, for now, been packed away as Britain heralds its own Arab summer.

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Jump to navigation. In Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and Mauritania, sodomy is punishable by death — though no executions have been reported during the last decade. In countries which have no specific law against homosexuality, gay people may be prosecuted under other laws.

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After the Arab spring comes a fraught, broiling summer. But the horrific new ground incursion in Gaza over the last two weeks, which has left more than people deadhas sunk hopes for a better Arab future to the floor. The artist Khaled Jarrar, based in Ramallah, Palestine, knows the wages of occupation better than most.

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Israel is more often associated with its innovative technology scene than art. But its rich cultural history, stemming from the Middle East, Africa and Europe, and its thriving creative community, have made Israel into a diverse destination for discovering contemporary art. Within the eclectic art scene are varying points of view, including the work of Arab-Israeli artists whose identity and upbringing in Druze, Christian and Muslim villages around Israel are expressed through various mediums in color, texture, symbol and text.

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Vocalist Aidan Moffat and multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Middleton grew up in Falkirkand bonded over their mutual love for Drag City recording artists such as Smog and Will Oldham who at the time recorded under the name Palace Brothers. They began collaborating inand their debut album, The Week Never Starts Round Herewas released the following year. At this point Gary Miller and David Gow joined the band and became the rhythm section, creating a more dynamic live experience when the band started touring. Over the course of their ten-year existence, Arab Strap worked with numerous musicians, including Jenny Reeve and Stacey Sievewright, as well as Adele Bethel, who went on to form Sons and Daughters.


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